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about us
About us

In a nutshell this is what we do...

We are the most unusual Sharpening service in the world. Traditionally you would find a local knife sharpener either through door calling, word of mouth, or sometimes online.

We found that while there were still people in the market requiring this service it had become more niche, and the clients looking for the sharp-techs were unable to locate them as for the most part Sharp-techs were more driven to work with their hands than becoming professional online marketers.

We got involved, created a unified brand of consisting of quality Sharp-techs to deliver services to clients and help fuel the industry.

Our website is highly mechanized to allow clients to find available services, identify exactly what their charges would be make a booking request that our Sharp-tech would receive and then reach out to help.

Google 5 Star: Excellent work. Very punctual to our house too. 8 very sharp knives and 2 cleavers for £36 is excellent value.

Margaret Hung

Google 5 Star: Excellent speedy service - makes all the difference in the kitchen, everything is easier if your knives are sharp!

Naomi A.

Google 5 Star: Superb service. Good communication and job carried out swiftly and professionally.

Chris Van Strijp